Protected news

If you are viewing the front end without being logged in to the back end, you will see that "James Wilson returns" is the most recent news item. However, if you log in to the front end as Donna Evans or John Smith, another news item will appear that has not been visible before. Try their accounts and find out who is going to perform live at Music Academy in February 2010 :-)

Since version 2.5, Contao allows to protect news archives and show their items to a particular front end user group only. Take a look at the back end to find out how protected new archives are set up.

Browse the news archive

To view all Music Academy news items, go to the news archive. As for the example website, you will not find anything more than the news from above, but you can see how the news archive module works. Again, log in as Donna Evans or John Smith to see the protected news items.